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Varieties of Personalized Bottled Water

Most people and companies prefer using personalized water bottles instead of the traditional bottled water. Most of these contained are made using reused and recycled materials. The use of these bottles is an effective way of cleaning the rivers and oceans clans and from plastics. Consumers should make sure that these bottles have been disposed of appropriately.

bottled water

Companies and organizations can capture new customers by using bottled water. You can personalize your bottled water to market your services or products directly to customers. Businesses can set their brands by designing sharp looking labels that are memorable by people who see them. You can also market your customized bottled water on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Explain to the customers why they need to follow you and purchase your products. This is one of the best ways of reinforcing your brand. You should make sure that you are using quality labels, quality water, and quality bottles to attract more customers.

Varieties of Bottled Water

This product comes in different varieties which are all safe and healthy for drinking.

Spring Water

This is the water obtained naturally from underground sources. It is taped from underground springs through boreholes. With boreholes, this water is extracted using mechanical pumps. The water extracted should have the same properties as that of water in the natural springs.

Sparkling Bottled Water

This is treated water that has the same level of carbon as that obtained from natural sources. It is mainly labeled as “sparkling mineral water” or “sparkling spring water,“ “sparkling drinking water,” e.t.c.

Artesian Well Water/Artesian Water

This is the groundwater which as tapped from aquifers. An aquifer is that layer of underground sand or rock that contains water. The level of water in artesian wells is at a higher height than that of the aquifer’s top.

mineral water

Mineral Water

This is the groundwater which contains less than 250 ppm total dissolved solids. This product dons not have any added minerals. It is distinguished from the other products by its relative proportions as fairly constant levels of trace elements and minerals.

Purified Water

This product is obtained by treating water by various methods such as reverse osmosis, distillation, and deionization. This product is free of chemicals. It is mainly labeled as reverse osmosis, deionized or distilled water. The product to be treated is obtained from various sources like streams, freshwater lakes, and rivers.…

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