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Transform Your House with These Window Treatments

Windows to a house are like our eyes to our soul. If seen from the aesthetic perspective, a poorly decorated window reflects the owner’s dull or careless personality. Besides, window treatments are not entirely about beauty. Some are made of UV-blocking materials that can improve the indoor air and save the energy wasted on the air conditioner.

Here, we are going to discuss popular window treatments that will fit both aesthetic and functionalist purposes. Read them carefully before you decide which decorating element fits your house.


a cheap roll shadeThere are three types of shades: Roller, Roman, and Austrian. They are the cheapest and most practical window treatment. And depending on the materials, shades can either block the sunlight either partially or fully. Translucent material allows filtered light to enter the room dimly. It is usually made of Polyester, Linen, and Polyethylene Terephthalate. The open weave offers more privacy than the translucent shade, and it uses Fiberglass, Cotton, or Polyester covered with PVC. And the one that has no opacity is the black-out shade. It blocks the sun entirely because it is manufactured from 100% Polyester mixed with acrylic foam.

Roller shade uses a dowel and a spring-loaded mechanism. It is the most affordable shades compared to the other twos. However, it can be quite tricky to make a roller shade look beautifully fit with other decorative elements. If it is surrounded with luxury items such as an oak or melamine-finished cabinet, the roller shade will be an apparent cheap element.

Roman and Austrian shades are fabric-based with a slight difference. They offer a classy touch and accentuate the architectural aesthetic of the house. But they are more of a decorative element than protective because fabrics cannot retain heat and block UV light.

If you are interested in installing shades at home, and you are still in doubt about which one to choose, you can consult an interior designer first before purchasing one. For instance, if you live in New York City, browse for window shades NYC, select several samples, and seek advice from the designer about your selection.


Shutters look good with all kinds of interior styles, and they can block the light either entirely or partially. They are also constructed in such a way that can optimize window insulation. Not only do they make the house look more attractive and stylish but they will also reduce the utility bill during summer and winter.

Shutters come in several types: plantation, tier-on-tier, cafe, and solid. Plantation shutters consist of a pair of panels with slats for a window. It allows some light to enter the room while still maintaining the privacy. Tier-on-tier shutters have two independent parts: top and bottom. The top is usually constructed with tight slats while the bottom with the much looser ones. Cafe shades are half the height of a window. It is best suited with a small room as it gives roomier visual.


a well placed curtainCurtains may seem like the safest choice of all. This piece of fabric can cover a window from direct sunlight and give maximum privacy when closed. If seen from the aesthetic perspective, curtains can create a luxury tone for the house. However, the most vital aspect to look for from a curtain is the way it folds.

If the curtain’s length exceeds the window frame’s and touches the floor, the excess part will look unpleasant. The fabric will also get dirty quickly. However, if it is too short and covers the window inadequately, the room will look small than it really is.

The most popular curtain fabrics are linen, silk, faux silk, velvet, and suede. They are durable materials, but they cannot function as an insulator. You will also need regular washing as fabrics trap dust and debris.…

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